Sustainability: Our packaging story.

When it comes to packaging, less is more.

Packaging within the health and beauty industry is being heavily scrutinized by consumers right now, and for good reasons. Millions of tons of packaging go into landfills each year. In addition, a recent study shows that the bathroom is the least recycled room in the house. We can do better.

We believe packaging must function and be user-friendly. Nothing is more frustrating than packaging that doesn’t perform well. Also, packaging that is too complicated doesn’t make for an easy or enjoyable experience during use. That does not work for us.

At Jaya Organics, we believe that our packaging needs to protect the products inside but also easy on the eyes. Our formulas are highly active, utilizing high levels of natural ingredients. Our packaging must ensure that our formulas maintain efficacy throughout their full in-use lifespan. The dark brown glass and black pumps make a great combination for the classic, clean, bathroom looks.

Glass bottles and jars.

All our products are packaged in glass bottles and jars, using plastic pumps or lids. Why? Glass is easily recyclable and considered an earth-friendly option. Our glass is tinted or opaque to protect the integrity of our formulas. The pumps are made out of plastic because no other materials seem to work. We always encourage our consumers to reuse these bottles and jars to put other products; or even turn them into a flower vase or a reed diffuser. There are so many things that you can do with them.


When we say we believe in minimalist packaging, we mean it. All Jaya Organics products do not have a box packaging even though they are all in glass bottles and jars. At our HQ, we give out free pouch every $50 purchase and our consumers can use it at home or when they are traveling. This saves us and the world the carbon footprint that would have been there. When we ship internationally, we use boxes that are made in our own workshop out of recycled boxes from Jaya House Hotels purchasing office. As a hotel, they get tons of boxes for their deliveries and we try to make use of these boxes.

All in all, as we are trying to find a new solution for the refill of your bottles at home (we know it’s a bit of a trip to come back to Siem Reap just for a refill), we hope that you’ll stay with us and enjoy the smell of Cambodia from every pump of our products.

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